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IBT Institute was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing traders and investors, strategies and tools necessary to develop in the world of financial markets, with special emphasis on intraday trading and portfolio management in the medium term, basing learning on direct and continuous practice. We have a tested and unique method, consisting of the combination and interpretation of price action, volatility and trading volume.

Traders’ Incubator

A pioneering and innovative program divided into theoretical and practical subjects that will allow you to start from scratch until you become a professional trader.

Online duration: ~6 months
Price: 980€ (online)

High Performance Programme

Go from zero to real trader in the Trader Incubator, design your own portfolio with the MBA in Stock Market and Trading and prepare for the EFPA exam.

Online duration: 1300h
Price: 4500€ (online)

Official programmes 

  • Official Master’s Degree in Banking and Quantitative Finance
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management
  • PhD in Big Data and Quantitative Financetativas

Discount with scholarship: 70% of the initial value

Traders’ Incubator

Go from zero to real trader in 8 steps

Supported by UNADE University

IBT Institute together with the American University of Europe (UNADE) has a University Scholarship Plan with the objective of facilitating access to a high degree of specialization in the financial sector and professional training. The Scholarship Plan consists of university scholarships of 70% of the initial value of the study, thus promoting equal opportunities among different groups and nationalities.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) provides adequate scientific training in the basic and applied aspects of business economics. It also deals with business organization and management. Legal aspects, business situation and results, costs, accounting, financing methods, etc. are covered.. 

The MBA in Banking and Quantitative Finance is a practical training opportunity aimed at university graduates and final year students in technical and/or scientific careers, such as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and related fields, who wish to develop their professional career in the field of quantitative finance and Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies applied to markets. 

The PhD in Big Data and Quantitative Finance is designed for those seeking to learn how to handle large amounts of data to analyze financial markets, as well as for those seeking to conduct more advanced financial analysis through quantitative market analysis. .  

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What are the classes like?

Video lessons

The core content of the training is recorded on video, with PDF support and a broker simulator to download so you can study the key concepts of the operation at any time. You have a tutor who will help you with whatever you need at all times.

Live group classes

The practical explanations and market sessions are live broadcasts, and you can ask questions live. In case you are unable to attend, they will be recorded and you will be able to watch them later, as well as solve possible doubts if you need to.

Individual tutoring

The training is structured in phases with objectives to be achieved, in which the tutors provide individualized follow-up through one-to-one classes by videoconference and by appointment, for the review of the student’s personal operations.

Meet our students

Alexander Lammoglia

“It has exceeded any expectations, my experience at IBT has been something that goes far beyond excellent training, I have met excellent colleagues and people, sharing the same path towards learning trading and always receiving their support.”

Carlos Arturo Jaime

“My experience with IBT Institute has been quite rewarding. Sometimes you make the mistake of being a little bit impatient and not respecting the learning process and it’s good to trust the patterns that are established and the reliability of the IBT method.”

Ricardo Ruiz

“The environment is ideal, because being surrounded by peers trading at different levels you feel in an environment where the immersion into the world of trading is total. If you want to dedicate yourself to this, you need to have a mentor, a methodology and a system.”

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We are committed to talent around the world

The market evolves and our knowledge of it must advance, therefore part of our guiding principles are based on the development of new knowledge and critical review of the established, being open to new ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration between market professionals, as well as economists and scientists that allow us to expand and improve our view of the reality of the stock market world, in which also involve the most talented students of the Incubator of traders through the Trading Lab.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we would not be at the height of the times if we did not bet on the richness that interdisciplinarity represents in all fields of knowledge. That is why we vigorously defend the crossbreeding of disciplines, taking advantage of the knowledge of the most different academic branches to always put it at the service of a practical and quality training in which teachers and researchers of great value collaborate (among which include physicists, economists, analysts, computer scientists, tax experts). Likewise, in our teaching staff there is room for any academic profile that has a concern for the expansion of knowledge and knowledge.

Our main motivation is to create and disseminate knowledge and make it available to as many people as possible. This defines us as a company with a service vocation that is committed to offer a quality and affordable training offer to most profiles. We are aware that on many occasions the economic issue is a determining factor when it comes to being able or not to opt for quality training, so a key issue when creating our training offer is to offer our students a wide range of prices without the fact of reducing the economic amount to which the course amounts to mean a reduction in the quality of the content offered. We try to offer as many scholarships as possible for our stock market courses as well as for our Masters. 

There is often a strong separation between theory and practice. Our methodological approach is committed to an eminently practical approach: the theory taught is only a means to provide our students with the conceptual background strictly necessary to develop the necessary skills and abilities from which to develop professionally if they wish to do so in the different technical and knowledge fields. This guiding principle of our philosophy is closely related to principle number 3, which we develop below.

One of our main objectives with our stock market courses is to be able to provide all those who decide to train with us with an education that will allow them to turn what they are passionate about into a possibility of professional development.

Not everyone needs the same thing: The interests of each person can be very different in terms of what they expect from the training they receive. The time they can or are willing to dedicate to it, the use they wish to make of the training, the objectives they pursue with it, among others. Based on the idea that not everyone is looking for the same thing, we decided to offer different courses and itineraries so that everyone can find the one that best suits their needs.

Thus, we have training courses ranging from the mere initiation as a stock market course to professional or high performance programs such as the High Performance Program (PAR) or the Incubator. But the ultimate idea that underlies all training programs is the open possibility that the training can be of professional benefit. That is why we strive to add more training sites where people can develop.

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