Método trading IBT

1:30 - Real verified account

Gain: +0.73%
Abs. Gain: +0.73%
Daily: 0.03%
Monthly: 0.73%
Drawdown: 0.40%

1:100 - Real verified account

Gain: +8.35%
Abs. Gain: +5.21%
Daily: 0.09%
Monthly: 2.85%
Drawdown: 7.11%

1:200 - Real verified account

Gain: +31.16%
Abs. Gain: +4.4%
Daily: 0.21%
Monthly: 6.39%
Drawdown: 8.28%

1:500 - Real verified account

Gain: +12.12%
Abs. Gain: +15.12%
Daily: 0.25%
Monthly: 7.08%
Drawdown: 33.45%

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Verified trading strategies

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Gain: +9.76%
Abs. Gain: +5.82%
Daily: 0.10%
Monthly: 2.97%
Drawdown: 7.11%
Slide 1 - copiar
Gain: +31.16%
Abs. Gain: +4.4%
Daily: 0.21%
Monthly: 6.39%
Drawdown: 8.28%
Slide 1 - copiar - copiar
Gain: +0.96%
Abs. Gain: +0.96%
Daily: 0.02%
Monthly: 0.74%
Drawdown: 0.40%
Slide 1 - copiar - copiar - copiar
Gain: +12.12%
Abs. Gain: +15.12%
Daily: 0.25%
Monthly: 7.08%
Drawdown: 33.45%
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Traders or investors trained at Instituto IBT learn to identify where and when to take positions in the market in the best probability situations, with specific strategies that provide clear and systematic criteria, as well as to detect situations in which a position should be closed earlier than expected or filtered.

IBT Institute’s Trading Philosophy


The trading volume of a financial asset represents the transactions carried out in a given period. It indicates the real intention of the market in a given direction and allows us to assess the strength of the price movement.  It is the “fuel” that the price needs to move and is a key aspect in the analysis of the durability of a movement that has already begun.

Action Price

The investment principles and trading methods used at IBT Institute employ different types of set-ups or entry rules: action price, order flow, depth window, automated signals and manumatic strategies. Different techniques are used that allow you to enter the market in those windows of opportunity where the price reflects operational zones, adapting the risk and money management to the volatility of each value through different tools.

Market Profile

The Market Profile is a price analysis tool that allows us to easily identify the most traded price levels, as well as the equilibrium and imbalance zones of the price. The structure of the Market Profile, together with the analysis of volume and volatility, provides us with valuable information regarding market noise and scenarios, forming the basis for the operation of the IBT-Market Profile Method.

Manumatic Trading Strategies

Manumatic trading is currently one of the most profitable forms of trading, consisting of manual trading assisted by automatons for the optimization of results.

The use of expert advisors allows to optimize time and improve efficiency resulting in an excellent improvement of results. This aspect has key implications for currency and risk management, turning trading into a solid and structured system with greater consistency than manual trading alone.

Instituto IBT es una escuela universitaria especializada en cursos de Trading en España y México
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