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Through the analysis of the performance and risk consumed by each trader’s operations, we identify those profiles with potential talent to become institutional traders.


  Multiple strategies

  Financial options


The MBA in Banking and Quantitative Finance is a practical training opportunity aimed at university graduates and final year students of technical and/or scientific careers, such as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and related fields who wish to develop their professional career in the field of quantitative finance and Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies applied to markets.

First Quarter

  • Introduction to the markets
  • Technical analysis of securities
  • Trading Systems
  • Foreign exchange market
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Electives
  • Stock Trader Internship I

Second Quarter

  • Portfolio Management
  • Market Profile y Order Flow
  • Derivatives I: Options and Futures
  • Derivatives II: Speculation, arbitrage and hedging.
  • Organization and management of a trading desk. Risk Manager
  • Screeners and asset selection
  • Electives
  • Stock trader internship IIrácticas de operador bursátil II

Third Quarter

  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Trading
  • Programming
  • Trading with statistical technical analysis
  • Systems development
  • System evaluation I
  • System evaluation II
  • Programming of trading strategies
  • Trading Boot Camp

Fourth Quarter

  • R&D Project Management
  • Quantitative Finance and econophysics
  • Computing Finance
  • Numerical processes and methods
  • Prediction methods
  • Optimization Methods
  • Electives
  • Master’s thesis


It is carried out in an integrated way with academic tutors and active Traders Quants, applying different techniques for the development and innovation in new strategies and investment models based on algorithms.


These are strategies that although with large capitals may have the problem of possible lack of liquidity, they usually produce a stable profit and low risk, basing their operation on the simultaneous purchase and sale of correlated products by trading their spread.


These are those algorithms based on excellent risk management, usually also using hedging. In these strategies, a large number of patterns or patterns that have a positive probability of success in the medium term are used simultaneously, which together, diversified and with an adequate risk management, achieve an optimal risk-return ratio as a result.

Financial options

Financial options and other derivative products are frequently used by hedge funds both for specific strategies and to hedge the risks of others.

MBA in Banking and Quantitative Finance


The training has an eminently practical approach where the student understands and participates in a simulated way in the main roles of the participants of a negotiation table, following the same scheme of operation that takes place in the management carried out in investment institutions. This allows the student to work as a professional in fund management or to start his activity as a creator of his own regulated investment vehicle.


The role of the analyst is, being knowledgeable about the functioning of the markets, the different stock market assets and investment strategies, to provide operational opportunities to the Trader.


Receives investment opportunities from one or more analysts and is the person focused on the action who decides which positions to carry out, hold, cancel or realize.


Is the person responsible for supervising and facilitating the function of the team of Traders. Control the estimated and limit risk of each Trader individually and of the group as a whole.


MBA in Banking and Quantitative Finance

Official MBA Degree in Banking and Quantitative Finance.

Issued by the American University of Europe (UNADE) with agreement number 201887MMByFC and SEyC/DAJ/DRVOE/446/2017.

Certification of the Track-Record of the student’s trading issued by Scientia Prop Traders.

Accreditation certificate issued by IBT Academy of overcoming the MBA in Banking and Quantitative Finance.

Access requirements

After the informative interview you should send us the following documentation to the e-mail

 University degree
Transcript of records
 Identity card

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Length: 24 months


Payment of the RESERVATION:

1.650 €

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