Cómo son las Clases

What are the classes like at IBT Institute?

Reverse classes are characterised by learning through guided practice. Instead of receiving theoretical explanations, a mentor or guide helps you to progress through the practical and individual fulfilment of each student.


Lessons in audio-visual format

The core content of the training is recorded on video, with PDF support and a broker simulator to download so that you can study the key concepts of the operation at any time. You have a tutor who will help you with whatever you need at all times.


Live group lessons

The practical explanations and market sessions are live broadcasts, and you can ask questions live. If you are unable to attend, the classes will be recorded and you will be able to watch them later and resolve any doubts you may have.


Individual tutorials

The training is structured in phases with objectives to be achieved, in which the tutors give individualised monitoring through one-to-one classes by videoconference, making an appointment beforehand, to review the student’s personal operations.